Book One

Bicycling Beyond Boundaries, Book One, The African Dream

2nd Edition

The African Dream. chronicles the joys and hardships of two people, Cat and Pat, facing the day to day challenges and triumphs they experienced while cycling, unassisted, through seventeen African countries.

AFRICA on BICYCLES? You must be CRAZY! Cat and Pat Patterson say, “When you have a DREAM, something that is hovering at the top of your bucket list and you’re in your senior years, you’d better get rollin’.” So, roll they did, over 265 days they pedaled 4,918 miles through 17 countries in AFRICA!

Through their stories in The African Dream, you will find lessons learned and lessons taught, myths debunked and mysteries of the Dark Continent exposed. Are there natives dressed in loin cloths carrying spears or big game animals roaming the roads? Will Muslims in Islamic Kingdoms or Republics be friendly or threatening? You’ll find the answers to these and other often asked questions on the pages of their book.

It is true that great swatches of jungle, arid lands and the vast Sahara Desert remain as they have been for centuries. Life in small villages is very simple. Yet, you will also find modern cities of glass and steel skyscrapers.

If you have an AFRICAN DREAM, a bucket list itch to travel to Africa, don’t wait until it’s too late! There are as many ways to visit and explore Africa as there are people and places usually seen only on the pages of the National Geographic magazine.

You may agree, AFRICA on BICYCLES is CRAZY. However, whether you go by bike, boat, plane or train, the journey is bound to fulfill your bucket and allow you to check a great experience off your list and into your memories.

New! Book Two in the Series Bicycling Beyond Boundaries!

The African Dream
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