Book Two

Bicycling Beyond Boundaries, Book Two, Cuba, the Forbidden Island

The true story of a twenty-one-day day adventure bicycling the length of Cuba. Meeting the people of Cuba, seeing the sights, and absorbing the pre- and post-Revolutionary history while riding through the very places where that history was created!

Chasing the legend that is Che’ Guevara.

While cycling our Around the World Bicycle Odyssey we saw Che’ in many places. However, it was during our ride through seventeen countries in Africa that we developed a curiosity about him. Of course we’d heard of Che’, who hadn’t? Yet we began to marvel at his far reaching impact. Why did we see so many young men there wearing Che’s iconic image on their t-shirts? Why had his likeness lived on globally for more than forty years since his death? Why was he better known in Africa and South America than Fidel Castro? What roads led Che’ from the soft life of a doctor in Argentina to the life of a Cuban Revolutionary and death, in just eleven years?


Book Two: Bicycling Beyond Boundaries
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