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Riding a bicycle around the world is hard work. however, writing about that effort and the wondrous places we visited in the world it tough. We say, t’is easier to RIDE than WRITE.

Reflecting, we feel that those memories, most wonderful, a few painful and fearful, need to be shared. Cat has said, “The most dangerous moments make the best memories.” We’ll let you be the judge of that!

The Pattersons’ sold their flourishing business, their cars and house, opted for early Social Security benefits, left family and friends and pedaled away from home and into an incredible journey of adventure and enlightenment.

The stories found in their books are a testament to the strength of love and concern that connects two people. Day after day facing unknown perils yet relishing in the spirit of adventure! No greater love hath a couple than to risk it all, knowing they can accomplish almost anything, together!

Our hope is that you will find value in our experiences that will help in your travel plans. Also, you may find inspiration, perhaps not to ride your bicycle through Africa or around the world but to set off in your own way and seek adventure that stretches your comfort zone.

Bicycling Beyond boundaries is a series of books sharing adventures, tidbits and trivia about places you may one day visit. Or, they may stir up memories of places you have visited, long hidden in the highways and byways of your mind.

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Read Our First Book in the Series Bicycling Beyond Boundaries!

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